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Computer Cleaning

Did you know that a combination of workstation, computer and telephone breed more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Regular cleaning of your computers, laptops and telephones could save you valuable time and money. Reducing the amount of cross contamination in your offices may result in fewer absences due to illness, and can reduce costly malfunctions of your equipment. So if we’re cleaning your office, surely it makes sense to take advantage of our computer and keyboard sanitisation services?

If you choose to use this service we will provide a highly trained specialist cleaner who can clean your IT equipment thoroughly and allow it to operate at its full potential. We offer three levels of service.

Level one
All exterior surfaces, including VDUs, printers, processing units and keyboards.

Level two
As level one but outer covers are removed and inner areas are vacuumed with anti-static brushes.

Level three
As level one and two plus a full electrical check of cables and earths in line with the portable appliances regulations – known as PAT Testing.

Photocopiers, fans, faxes and franking machines can also be included as level one.

Our process

We start our work by removing any bacteria and debris. We continue the clean by applying a bacterial cleansing solution to sterilise, before finishing it with an application of anti-static treatment.

We only use cleaning products and chemicals that have been created for the sole purpose of cleaning IT devices. They contain no water, nitrates or ammonia as these elements can cause damage to the devices.  Our anti-static protection prevents dirt and other particles building up between our visits.

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Our aim is to protect public and communal areas. Our products are perfect for care homes, hospitals, venue halls, shopping malls and schools.